You are a feminist?

I don't hate men. I am not an angry activist who wants women to rule over the world (the angry part, it comes and goes but okay), I am not a lesbian (although it would be pretty cool if I was!), but I am straight and I am not seeking for your attention with my opinions (or maybe I am), I actually like having all the attention to myself but no, me being a feminist has nothing to do with that.


Menaces of being a voracious reader

As an avid book lover, reading has helped me in a million ways. But we can't outlook the perils, right? Here I talk about the four main menaces that I have come across as a voracious reader. I hope it is relatable to my fellow readers.

The world of extroverts

I am over-analytical. I took The Myers-Briggs Personality Test, and I think I over-analyzed? I don't know! All the introverts out there, you might agree to what I have to say (or you might not!). Nevertheless, let me know!

What Insomnia Actually Feels Like

People don't know what insomnia is! They really really don't. And there are so many misconceptions. Here I debunk all the myths that are existent about insomnia and what I have to deal with on a daily basis. I hope this gives you a bit of clarity.

Six blissful days – Mumbai IDYEP

When I first read the email of my selection in the program, I was quite skeptical about if I wanted to go. I was concerned about missing a lot of classes, and... oh well, that's all I was concerned about. But then I decided to give it a go and make the most of this opportunity. Little did I know, a great chunk of beautiful surprises awaited me.

Renewed hopes, and a little selfish smile

And then.. she decided to smile again. But this time, it was different. She smiled, not because her parents liked it when she smiled, not because her boyfriend thought she looked pretty smiling, not to make a lot of friends. She smiled, but this time, for herself. She smiled.... because she realized that she, like... Continue Reading →

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