A big smile to my late grandfather


He must be resting in peace right now in the heaven, probably having a cup of tea and chatting with his dead mates , telling them about the wonderful life he has lived.
The greatest loss that I’ve ever  encountered in my life was my grandfather’s death. I still remember getting a call from my mom telling me to reach to the hospital. He was lying in his bed, quite unwell when I left home that morning but I didn’t realize how serious it was about to get. As soon as I got the call, I rushed to the hospital, my cousin brother offered to drop me there. As I reached the hospital, I couldn’t get myself to enter into the gate.. I was scared, unknown of what condition he was in. However, I gathered up all my courage and went inside to see him and there he was, lying in the hospital’s bed, he looked fine,  at least his eyes were open for that was the last time I saw his open eyes. The doctors did say that he was going to be fine  but I had a feeling that he was not coming back home. I tried convincing myself not to feel that way but I couldn’t. I could see his face. It was changed… that wasn’t how he was when I saw him earlier that morning.
As days passed, his condition didn’t get any better but even worse. Everyday, hoping to get a call from someone from my family , ” We’re bringing him back home ” , but no, it didn’t happen. All I saw was my mom and dad coming back home with their eyes full of tears , trying to be strong and that everlasting hope that he would be fine.
One day I was on my way to the hospital, talking to my sister on the phone.. I reached there and that was it. He was gone.. gone forever with no hope of coming back. Now I call it telepathy or maybe it was destiny that my sister called me from London the very time and she and me found out at the same time. I tried being strong. I hugged my grandmother who couldn’t stop crying. We all had to accept it. We had to accept the fact that he was gone.
It’s been almost a year and a half but still I feel like he’s going to come any moment and tell me about his day. How he used to stand on the gate , when any of us would not come home on time, how he used to bless us , his smile, his laughter , his voice, I miss it all . I miss him and his immense love for me.
Maybe, now he’s bragging to his mates in the heaven about his grand daughter writing an article for him. He was truly the most amazing man I’ve ever known!!


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