Magical Thing Called Love.

I believe in love. I believe that miracles can happen when two people love each other truly and unconditionally. I believe that each love story is special. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a great story. You don’t have to die for each other like Romeo and Juliet did and neither do you have to get married at 16 like Nathan and Haley did. Your love story might be full of twists and turns like daily soap operas or really difficult like stories in Hindi movies are, or if you’re lucky enough, your love story might be a beautiful fairytale. Whatever it is and however it is, your love story is special because your love story is yours, not anybody else’s. It doesn’t matter how you first met or how you fell love, maybe you met at a party or at a business conference or maybe you didnt even notice each other in your first meeting or maybe you were classmates. Your first meeting doesn’t have to be special but your love story is special. You might never know when you fell in love or maybe you know the exact moment and exact place and exact dress you were wearing when you fell in love. Love can be funny. You never know when it’ll come into your life and make your life so beautiful that you actually sleep with a smile in your face. But as funny as it is, your love story is special. You might talk all day with each other or maybe once a day,  you might always go on dates or go very occasionally, you might celebrate anniversaries every month or don’t believe in such celebrations, however your love is, your love story is special. Every date you’ve gone on , every fight you’ve had, every obstacle that have come your way, every time you’ve confessed your love for each other , each and every thing is the evidence of how special your love story is. I believe in love. I believe that love is the beautiful creation of God. I believe that each love stories are special. Those love stories you read about, those you watch in a movie or the ones that you witness in your real life, each and every love story is special. And I believe that love is a very special feeling. I believe that the one person in your life can make all your problems go away , that one person can turn your tears into smiles and your failure into success. I believe that everyone deserves to have that one person in life. I believe in love.


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