The Hitchhiker’s Twist

It was a cloudy night. The thundering and lightening seemed like the clouds were screaming in anger. The tiny rain drops falling from the sky were covering the streets of New York City. There was still an hour for me to reach home. I was driving smoothly and steadily with Bryan Adams’s “Everything I do” playing in my music system.I was in a really good mood because that day I was awarded “The Best Teenage Fashion Designer” . I was coming back from the award function and the after party. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell my parents about it. I was just imagining all the possible reactions they could show and I was smiling to myself.
Suddenly, I saw a man standing in the middle of the road asking for a lift. I had to stop my car.
“Can I take a lift?”, he asked.
“Sure, come on in.”
He was sort of a peculiar fellow. His face, his clothes, his voice, actually, every single thing about him was strange !! I was quite nervous while driving with him in the car. Maybe to break the silence, he asked, ” Can I know your name, please?” .”umm.. Sure! Its Anna Sparks! “, I replied
“I think I’ve heard this name before!”
Looking at the trophy at the backseat of my car, he exclaimed ,”Oh! I got it! You won the award for fashion designing ,right?” I smiled politely and I was about to reply back to him when he interrupted me, “If I’m not mistaken, you just lost your family in a fire, didn’t you?”
“What the hell are you talking about? Are you kidding me? “
I sped up my car. I wanted to reach home as soon as possible.
“Can you stop the car here?”, he said.
“Don’t forget to see the calender today, alright? I’ll take your leave now!”
I was in a extreme hurry so I didn’t really care about what he said. I drove my car so fast that my car crashed in front of a tree. Next thing I knew, I was in a hospital’s bed, with my hand and leg broken and my mom and dad sitting right beside me.It was such a relief to see them safe and healthy as a horse.
I remembered what the lift taker said and saw the calender. It was April 1st. It was April Fool’s Day. I had actually been fooled that almost cost me to lose my life. I was just so mad at that crazy man. It was all because of him that I was lying in a hospital’s bed miserably with my hands and leg broken.
I had imagined that day to be a nostalgic one, but it ended up being one of the silliest and scariest day of my life .


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