‘They’ Don’t Matter

If you’re fat, they say that you’re too fat. If you’re skinny, they say you’re too thin. If you’re confused about life, they call you careless. If you’re sure about what you want to do with your life, they call you an insane dreamer. If you read books, they call you a nerd. If you don’t , they call you lazy. If you’re best friends with a lot of people, they call you a people pleaser . If you don’t have much friends, they call you a dork.  So, why do these ‘theys’ judge us in whatever we do? Maybe its because we give them enough space in our lives that they get the courage to judge us that way , or maybe its because that’s the way our society is.
‘They’ won’t be there when we’re broke and we need money. But, ‘they’ will be there to talk behind our backs when we get into some kind of monetary scandal. ‘They’ won’t be there when a little boy is bullied in his school. But, ‘they’ will be there to have a social backbiting reunion when that boy fails his exams due to depression. ‘They’ won’t be there to stand up for a girl when she is teased or harrased every time she walks down the street . But, they will be there to torture the girl when she is raped. ‘They’ are funny. ‘They’ think they are right but, ‘they’ are mean. ‘They’ are the people of the society that we live in. ‘They’ are the ones who give fake smiles to us when we walk pass them and talk about us the moment we go away from their sight. We are treated like everybody likes us but in reality hardly a fraction of people we meet in a day talk good about us.

But, the big question is , ‘How much we let them affect our lives?’ . If we let them feel like they are bringing us down with their actions, they’ll get more confidence to speak about us. But we let them bring us down. That is why so many go into depression and that is the reasons we hear about so many suicide cases. I believe that the way to make ‘them’ quit talking about us to make ‘them’ believe that we don’t care. So, stay strong and do what you want to do, ‘they’ don’t matter as much as we think they do.  


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