Let’s assert ourselves!!

The society, it keeps judging us, picking on us, no matter what we do and what we say, it’s time we start telling them that no matter how hard they try to put us down, we’ll rise up even stronger.


Here are some stories and comments . Even though they are not real but I am pretty sure they are all relatable.

⇨ “I went to watch a movie with my friends. It was quite an emotional movie and so it made me cry. They laughed at me and commented that I cry like a girl. What does ‘Like a girl’ actually mean?”


⇨ “My friends say just because I belong to Brahmin community, I am unnecessarily proud person. Why do you  determine my personality on the basis of a tag behind my name”

⇨ “Being born into a specific caste or religion determines your worth in the world? Sorry, I didn’t know I wouldn’t get a chance to explore my abilities, since you have already done it for me.”



⇨ “I walked into a so-called classy shop in a mall, in my trackpants and everyone stared at me as if I was an alien. Its my body. I have full right upon it. I can put on the clothes of my own choice. Then, why am I judged by the clothes I wear?”



⇨ “When you’re too friendly, people call you people pleaser, when you’re introvert, people call you anti-social. What do we do then, just so that your comments would stop?”


⇨ “Yes, I drink and I smoke. It might be a bad habit. But, sorry I am not a bad person.”


⇨ “Everyone have their own strengths and  weaknesses, that’s what makes everyone a unique being. I might have more problems than you do, and maybe I am somewhat emotionally or physically down. This doesn’t mean I am trying to seek your attention or sympathy. I am trying to seek for a place, where my strengths are encouraged, and I am appreciated.”


⇨ “Everytime I meet a relative of mine, I’m said I am getting fatter and I should start losing weight. How do you think it makes me feel? ”



“Society” – a place where we seek for safety, togetherness and acceptance… isn’t it quite ironical that we experience the exact opposite of what the meaning of society implies? Do you ever wonder why all of this actually happens?  Maybe this is because we give them much more priority than necesary, or maybe it is because we give them the audacity to do so. We are all brought up in such a way that it’s not only our desire but it’s our living style to impress the people of the society. And when we try to come of out of this cliched world of impressing these bunch of people who don’t even matter in our lives, they start pulling our legs, they start judging us, they keep making efforts on putting us down and they succeed in so many levels. Why is it so easy for them to put us down though? Why are we such easy targets?- Because we make it that easy for them.  So, why don’t we tell them once and for all that we’re not that easy to be put down? Why don’t we raise our voice and make sure for ourselves that we get to live our lives the way we want, the way we plan to live? Let’s tell them they don’t matter and we don’t value their opinions because if we say it doesn’t matter,  it really won’t matter.

Pratiksha Rajopadhyaya


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