Background noises.

I walk into my classroom and approach to talk to a person I feel most comfortable with, and the first thing that person says after seeing me is, "Why are you wearing pink today? It is making you look very fat!" Or, "Your boobs look really huge today, how many bras are you wearing?" Or,... Continue Reading →


Kakani : Take a hike, you’ll like it

Very little do I feel the feeling of 'being alive',  amidst all the rules I am surrounded by, and all the responsibilities I am liable to fulfill. But what's life without the feeling of being alive? I think one feels alive to the most when they do something for themselves. And very recently I felt... Continue Reading →


Its a matter of realization that the world is filled with so many hateful people, who talk bad about people and enjoy doing so, who aren't loyal to their friends, who plan murders and foul play but amidst of all these bad people, there are very good ones too. My 'Aama' was one of those... Continue Reading →

Let’s assert ourselves!!

The society, it keeps judging us, picking on us, no matter what we do and what we say, it's time we start telling them that no matter how hard they try to put us down, we'll rise up even stronger. Here are some stories and comments . Even though they are not real but I... Continue Reading →

A big smile to my late grandfather

He must be resting in peace right now in the heaven, probably having a cup of tea and chatting with his dead mates , telling them about the wonderful life he has lived. The greatest loss that I’ve ever  encountered in my life was my grandfather’s death. I still remember getting a call from my... Continue Reading →

Fairytales or Anti-Feminism Tales

I’m one of those girls who grew up reading and watching fairytales. Me and my elder sister were big-time lovers of all those fairytales where a charming prince would come in his white horse and rescue a damsel in distress. To be very honest, I used to feel good reading those fairytales thinking that no... Continue Reading →

‘They’ Don’t Matter

If you're fat, they say that you're too fat. If you're skinny, they say you're too thin. If you're confused about life, they call you careless. If you're sure about what you want to do with your life, they call you an insane dreamer. If you read books, they call you a nerd. If you... Continue Reading →

The Hitchhiker’s Twist

It was a cloudy night. The thundering and lightening seemed like the clouds were screaming in anger. The tiny rain drops falling from the sky were covering the streets of New York City. There was still an hour for me to reach home. I was driving smoothly and steadily with Bryan Adams’s “Everything I do”... Continue Reading →

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